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Design and Build

Our talented landscape designers take pride in delivering the best in design and craftsmanship. Whether you envision a relaxing retreat, a secret city oasis, or a stunning rooftop, our team will turn your vision into a reality.

Seasonal Color Rotation

Usher in the seasons with our seasonal color rotation. Spring showcases delicate bulb flowers, summer arrives in bold colored blooms, fall appears with a muted palette, and finally winter closes out the year with scents of pine, cedar, and sprigs of berries. Our color rotation is the finishing touch to any outdoor space.

Custom Planters

Custom planters allow us to maximize the functionality of any amount of square footage, from large public spaces to intimate city terraces. Lush, cascading, and colorful plantings in our tailor-made boxes will allow your garden or terrace to bloom beautifully.

IPE Decking and Pavers

Our selection of IPE decking and pavers are the perfect choice for terraces and rooftops. Not only do they provide a luxurious and custom design, but they also provide the functionality to truly make a garden and terrace a success by providing proper drainage.

Irrigation And Lighting

Set the mood in your personal outdoor space with lighting! Highlighting specific garden features with light allows the space to be enjoyed all day and into the evening. Ensure that your investment will grow beautifully by providing a proper irrigation system.  Happy plants need to be well hydrated, especially during hot summer months. 

Green Roofs and Wall System

No space for a luxurious garden? No problem, just think vertical! Maximize your green square footage by adding a vertical garden/wall system. Adding a lush and beautiful green rooftop is another way to bring the great outdoors into the city skyline.

Holiday Display

‘Tis the season to take your office or corporate holiday décor to the next level! Our talented QG team truly brings the magic to the holidays. We design, install, take down and store the décor. Effortless holiday décor? Now, that is truly magical!

Stonework, Fountains and Water Features

Add a little drama and craftsmanship to your terrace with custom stonework. The soothing sound of water is a welcomed addition to any garden. Our team will expertly install water features and stonework, the finishing touch to your outdoor oasis.


We offer flexible maintenance plans to keep your landscape looking its very best. From pruning to fertilizing, our talented team will keep your landscape healthy and beautiful all year long. 

Container Design

Our talented team creates the most beautiful container designs. Picking the best plants and flowers from each season, these containers are artfully planted by our team. Allow us to create lush and beautiful combinations to suit your space and style.

Let us know about your landscaping needs!